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Dubrovnik Instant Spray Tans

Mobile Spray Tans
Spray Tanning is now more popular than ever thanks to developments in product formulations and application equipment. Days of the 'orange' skin is gone, our products give you a gorgeous, natural- looking tan without the inherent dangers of skin damage that can result from over exposure to UVA/B rays, letting you look stunningly tanned all year round.
We believe in natural products that will be kind to your body and will give you some added benefits along with a fantastic golden tan.
We use only the carefully selected Nouvatan spray tan solutions which are Organic and offer naturally gorgeous and full of natural ingredients to condition, tone and care for your skin. You won't find any of the harsh  chemicals usually found in other spray tans, just lots of lovely healthy ingredients!
Our tanning technicians are professionally trained and certified to City and Guilds level (London - UK) to provide you with a professional tanning experience in the  comfort of your own surroundings.
We offer a personal and discreet service whether it be in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. We will bring all equipment to you and will leave you with that perfect glow and no mess.  What could be more convenient?
We have personally tested and selected the best products for a natural looking tan especially for Brides on their special day. We like to use a natural looking tan that gives the Bride and Bridesmaid a natural glow like you have just spent a few days on the beach...                     
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Spray Tan / Dubrovnik Nails & Spray Tans
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