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Nail Treatments


You have lots of people in your bridal group? Why not book gel polish manicures that will last 2-4 weeks?
* Gel Polish Manicure
* French Manicure 
* Gel Polish Repairs
* Gel Polish Removal


* Gel Polish Pedicure
* French Pedicure ​
* Gel Polish  Deluxe Pedicure
* Gel Polish Removal


Our products

We use only the best products available and have carefully selected IBD also known as International Beauty Design-for all of our nail treatments. We offer a range of colours, from summer time bold colours to classic colours to compliment every skin tone, leaving you looking glamourous and elegantly groomed!

About gel polish

We offer  IBD just polish gel.
We apply it just like polish but it is as powerful as gel! It dries in 30 seconds under a LED light and means no chipping and can last up to 2-4 weeks! It also strengthens your natural nails leaving a scratch-free colour brilliance. We offer this in a selection of colours including french manicure.


If you have just arrived to Dubrovnik on holiday why not have a gel polish pedicure to ensure your pedicure lasts your entire holiday. No chips or flaking feet, just beautiful shiny nails!
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